Laika Boutique Stay

Laika Boutique Stay is a boutique home-stay in the heart of Bangalore, India. A splendid blend of traditional and modern architecture, it offers a perfect combination of uncompromising hospitality and amenities that a business traveler or a tourist would desire.

We worked with Laika to re-imagine their website and modernize it. We wanted to give potential guests the polish, and luxury prevalent at Laika when they visited the website.


The Laika Facade


We wanted a photo of the facade of Laika to welcome the users. Using the photo in such a way gives the users a fair idea of what the home-stay looks like, while also keeping the design minimal and modern.

We added information such as the address, email, and contact number at the bottom for easy access. We displayed this on a card, which expands with a fluid animation to reveal more information about the home-stay.








We designed the rooms page in a similar fashion to the front-page. A huge photo of the room welcomes the user. We identify the room type at the bottom on a card similar to the one on the front-page. The card transitions gracefully to occupy the full width of the page as the user scrolls down.