Royal Mysore Walks

Founded by Vinay Parameshwarappa in 2009, Royal Mysore Walks  (now rebranded as Gully Tours) aims to change the way tourists experience Mysore. We worked with Royal Mysore Walks to re-imagine their website and tour brochure.


Website Design

We wanted the tourists to be able to quickly find the activity they were most interested in doing that day, to be able to find the relevant information for that activity, and then to be able to book the activity without much confusion.


The Hero



We used a full height hero section to communicate to the user what Royal Mysore Walks does. We designed the hero section to change over the course of the year in tune with the current seasonal trend in Mysore.


Relevant Information Made Easy


We designed the homepage to be easy for users to browse the tours on offer. The tours are laid out in a beautiful grid that showcases moments experienced by previous guests on the tour. We put the tour name, price and timings in a way such that users can quickly shortlist the tours they are interested in.


Tour Details


We wanted users to be able to easily get a tours’ information, so we designed this page to be minimal, with visual cues that lead the eye to important information. As a taster of what they can experience on the tour, we added a section that shows tour highlights.



Brochure Design